IMAPPS and GADGETS for iPhone and Web

APPS and Gadgets

iPhone IMApp version 0.2 showing log in page

It is now possible to trial the Medusa Apps and Gadgets, the Independent manager APPs or IMAPPs.

These developments are designed to help the manager when moving around the building or travelling. They also provide a restricted use of the Medusa which means that occasionally and front line staff can handle common functions without being trained on the main medusa pages.


APPs are the life blood of iPhone users and our ones can take their place alongside other shortcuts designed to make your life simple. Continue reading


Low Cost Content Filtering and Website Tracking for Users

Offering to filter a company’s web traffic is a perilous business. (I know, I wrote a book on it once.) False positive’s, false negatives, block-or-inform: there’s a lot of ways to end up in conflict with your end user.

So you’ll not be surprised that Medusa doesn’t do content filtering. But sometimes users don’t know what to do. Often its just simple things they want to track or block, Facebook being the most popular demon in the minds of business managers. Continue reading