Low Cost Content Filtering and Website Tracking for Users

Offering to filter a company’s web traffic is a perilous business. (I know, I wrote a book on it once.) False positive’s, false negatives, block-or-inform: there’s a lot of ways to end up in conflict with your end user.

So you’ll not be surprised that Medusa doesn’t do content filtering. But sometimes users don’t know what to do. Often its just simple things they want to track or block, Facebook being the most popular demon in the minds of business managers.

Here’s a tip. OpenDNS is not just a DNS service (DNS changes an URL into an IP address). It can track the websites looked up and even offer to block by website or content type. It even has a free option. The website is not easy, but it works.

What to do.

  1. The suite that needs tracking MUST have a unique Public IP – else you’ll block Facebook for the entire centre (imagine that!). Medusa has a IP tracking facility so just allocating the IP to the suite is all you need to do if the suite doesn’t already have a public IP in use.
  2. Then get the user to register the IP with OPENDNS here https://store.opendns.com/get/basic/
  3. Then ensure that the user changes the DNS server reference on their hosts or DHCP server (we can also do that on Medusa but its much better that the user does it).

That’s it.


Open DNS servers are on


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